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Sites now under excavation - Dolní Věstonice III

Location of the Site


This Gravettian site lies on the eastern slope of the short blind valley (slope dell) between the sites I and II. The site was first observed by B.Klíma at the end of 1960s and has been under excavation since the summer of 1993 by Petr ©krdla. Excavations yielded a collection of more then 500 pcs of stone artifacts (majority of which are made of silices from glacigene sediments), bone fragments, and decorative objects. The site consists of two different units (unit 1 and 2). Unit 2 is composed of two layers. Excavations will be continued.

For more informations see: Škrdla, P., Cílek, V., Přichystal, A 1996: Dolní Věstonice III, excavations 1993-1995. Spisy AÚ AV ČR v Brně, vol. 5, 173-190.

 1995 excavation: Unit 2